Introducing Hope House

Introducing Hope House

We are excited to continue providing emergency services for youth in crisis in our same location.  In 2016, we made a positive impact on over 500 teens.  We have renamed the shelter, Hope House.  Many of you know this location as that name and we believe it reflects what we hope to provide every teen who enters the shelter.  Hope House will provide pathways for family reunification; housing stability and permanency; and independence and self sufficiency for youth and their families.

Announcing a New Program Partner

A New Program Partner.  Introducing 180 Degrees

In November of 2015, the Open Hands Foundation along with its partners, began a pilot study to meet the needs of youth in crisis by opening an emergency shelter providing support, counseling, and shelter for youth in crisis.  One of our goals with this pilot study was to make sure we had the right services and program partner.  We are grateful for the Bridge for Youth's involvement in launching and running this shelter.  We have made a mutual decision with The Bridge for Youth to end the current contract effective January 31, 2017.

We are pleased to announce our new partner, 180 Degrees. This organization has been meeting the needs of people in crisis for over 35 years.  Today they operate shelters for youth in crisis, sex trafficked girls, and people transitioning back into society from prison.  We are excited to have their expertise working with youth in crisis in our community.  Learn more about 180 Degrees here.

We are working to ensure that support for youth will be available throughout this transition.  Dr Robert Ward, Manager of the House, will be available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm at the shelter, and can be reached at 507-351-1481.  Once the transition is complete, we will continue to offer professional programming and services, and potentially a few new programs based upon lessons learned.  The service and programming will continue to be available to youth at no charge.  

 We look forward to continuing to meet the needs of youth in crisis as well as addressing, with this new partner, findings we have learned.  We recognize that you may have some questions on this change.  For more information, please contact or 612-207-4674.

Thanks again for your Support!

We appreciate your support and look forward to sharing more news with you in 2017!

2016 Results

2016 Results

One year ago, the shelter opened 24/7/365 to meet the needs of youth in crisis in our community.  As the saying goes, "build it and they will come", and they have.  While we hate the fact that there are youth in our community who need these services, we are so grateful that through your generous support, we have been able to provide them with the support and services they desperately need.

From January through November of 2016

455 Youth have been Positively Impacted by the Shelter

100 Youth Stayed Overnight for 7.4 Nights on Average

39 Youth Received Counseling (did not stay overnight)

316 Text and Phone for Help Calls were Answered and Helped


Who are these Youth?

46% Male / 54% Female

Average Age:  15.4

15% from Eden Prairie

7% from Lake Minnetonka Area

6% from Chaska and Chanhassen

6% from Shakopee

3% from Waconia

16% from Hennepin County


What Reasons have been given for using this Program?

88% Negative Household Dynamics

55% impacted by Mental Health in Home

24% Neglected or Abused

21% Alcohol or Drugs

17% Trouble at School

57 Youth Turned Away - 18 and 19 years old (licensed only for 10-17)


What is Next for 2017?

The first year of the pilot is complete.  Our goals for the two-year pilot are threefold:  1.  Validate the need, 2.  Validate the program, and 3.  Develop a long term, sustainable solution, based upon data gathered in the pilot.  

We have gone a long way toward validating the need as well as learning some valuable things about what is needed to address the need long term.  Based upon these results, we have anticipated a few key changes in the second year, 

            -  Consideration of adding ages 18-19 to the program

            -  Considering changing the service provider to better position us for the long term

            -  Completion of a long term plan for sustainability of the project in our community

We look forward to meeting the needs of youth in crisis in our community in 2017.  

THANK YOU to our donors, supporters, and volunteers for all they have done to make this program possible.