Our partners and donors are important to us, and we accomplish a lot more standing together then we ever could alone.

The shelter for youth in crisis known as Hope House, is a partnership between three organizations: Westwood Community Church, 180 Degrees, the Open Hands Foundation and our community.  

Westwood Community Church has generously donated the house and provides general maintenance of the property and house.  

180 Degrees is the program provider.  They are the experts and work directly with youth and their families to address the crisis and equip youth in crisis with skills, support and connections.

The Open Hands Foundation is working to make sure that the needs of youth in crisis in our community are addressed by creating sustainable funding; evaluating and suggesting program modifications to meet youth needs; and raising awareness within our community through partnerships with individuals, organizations, and businesses within the Southwest community. s

The Westwood Community Church

Westwood Community Church began in 1995 with a core group of 90 people as an outreach to the southwestern suburbs by Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie. They wish to demonstrate God’s love in creative and compelling ways that lead people to know God, worship Him authentically, grow spiritually, serve joyfully and connect relationally.


180 Degrees

Since 1971, 180 Degrees has played a critical role as a 24-hour access point for youth and families in need in Minnesota. They have an amazing track record serving people in crisis of all types, and we are happy to help them extend their hands into our community.


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